August 4, 2004

Published notices

Each CNES centre (Paris, Evry, Toulouse and Kourou) may publish a notice concerning CNES contracts.

Most CNES notices are published on TED (the site of the European Union’s business opportunities publications office) and are also listed below on this page. These notices can be prior information notices, contract notices or contract award notices. Awarding procedures

Via the following link,, companies can find details of the competition procedures to which they can respond on line (by electronic means).

The most frequently used competition procedures are open calls for tenders, restricted calls for tenders and the negotiated procedure with prior publication of a contract notice and with competition.

Hints for using TED:

To consult all notices published by CNES on TED, when in Extended Search mode, you can enter ‘Centre national d'études spatiales’ or ‘centre spatial’, for example, in the Authority name field.

 If you are interested in one of the operations published on TED and listed below, you can use one of the following search criteria available on the TED site:

  • in the Full text field, type the Operation ID number given on the first line of the following table,


  •  in the Document number field, type the ‘document number/year’ reference given in the following table.

NB: the reference for each notice listed in the table below is made up as follows: OJEU year/S issue number-document number. 

 Information in the table below is in French. Companies can consult notices that may be of interest on the site listing the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union.

Published notices