August 4, 2004

CNES procurement

CNES is responsible for proposing, shaping and implementing French Space policy. Its principal objective is to develop Space applications to meet the civil and military needs of government authorities and the needs of the scientific community and to improve and promote new applications.

The wide range of needs has led the CNES to define a procurement policy, based on procedures to ensure competition and guarantee equal treatment of all prospective bidders and a transparent selection processes while keeping the cost of contracts as low as possible.

In its role as agency for the French Space Programme, CNES calls on a very wide range of outside skills. Its mission is to support innovation and the promotion and development of new Space technologies and their applications in all sectors of society, which results in contracts being signed with many different partners. The development process for Space resources is long and complex and frequently involves highly specialized skills.

In addition to activities related to its mission, CNES allots part of its budget for the procurement of standard services and supplies to meet logistical requirements, particularly for the four CNES sites.

The skills outsourced by CNES include an industrial manufacturing capability (in both the Space and non-Space sectors) and the services of many small and medium-sized companies.


For further information on CNES procurement policy, please send your request to: